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credit:    EMR WA,  AUSTRALIA
credit:James Matheny /Shoemaker  USA
credit: ERIKS  Leads UK

credit:Lubbock Elec TX USA

credit:  Fletcher -Moorland  UK
credit: Industrial Elec Motor Modesto CA   USA 
credit:  Fletcher -Moorland  UK
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You are watching the BEST winding machine on the market - the  SAMATIC        
Trusted by close to 3,500 Electric Motor Repair Shops in 86 countries
Contact us from this site and we will help you switch to your new
And, when you'll get it, you will never look back ! GUARANTEED
TOP PRECISION ( AC or DC- always perfect coils)

PERFECT LAYERING (Forget about crossing wires)

EASY INSERTION ("wow ... my coils litteraly slide in")

Unique ALL-In ONE Concentric Formers (one of
our best innovation)

DC WIZARD head  (60 seconds and you have a
perfect form, with only 1 Allen Key...

Special Tooling  (we developed the easiest ,
yet most productive tools with the Machine)

DC Click (wait until you see how you shape the coil
with your mouse, and SAMATIC winds it perfectly)

CONTINUITY Forms- ( multi-group forms make it easy
to wind "Continous Winding"

Automatic Sleeve Release - ( will place sleeves wherever is
desired during the run)

Auto Tensioner - ( Wires are keeping constant tension
in AC and in DC !  our patented Tensioner is Built-Into every SAMATIC unit.

LEARNING Mode- The SAMATIC  can "learn" each of your
existing Forms, and winds on them seamlessly.

Trouble Free , Durable- Built to Last. Our claim to fame is
proven in the field. No one comes even close to SAMATIC

5  SAMATIC Models to choose from , for Max size/torque
( from Model 2780 to Model 5780 )

SAVING you Money, SAVING you Time. Save in winding time and Save in insertion time.
And always avoiding the cost of errors...

LOVED by your winders... 

and Much More...

                                                                sells  ONLY  DIRECTLY.   No Reps , No Distributors.

                                             This is our way to pass the major savings to you, the end-users.

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Listen to what SAMATIC customers tell you:
We have a SAMATIC unit as well and I know you will love it. Super !!!
Paul Richardson-Service Center Mgr., SULZER Middleborough  ,UK   Great bit of kit ! we have had our Samatic 4 years now, Wouldn’t be without it, ultra reliable too
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What sets
SAMATIC apart in winding electric motors?

" SAMATIC sets itself apart in the electric motor winding industry through its innovative winding solutions and expertise in automation. Their focus on efficiency, precision, and reliability in electric motor and generator winding processes distinguishes them from competitors. Additionally, SAMATIC’s commitment to training and sharing knowledge underscores their leadership in the field."

The Manager of the largest chain of Multinational Motor Repair Shops